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Graphene Nano Coating


Insane depth, shine, and protection.

More resistant to water spots than traditional ceramic coatings.  As an authorized dealer and product installer of Dura-Coating Technology, our application creates a slicker, smoother surface feel than ceramics. Tighter water beads and better water shedding.

Compared to more traditional ceramic coatings, our newest coating is a partially reduced graphene oxide modified ceramic coating variant, and it will be found to have some improved characteristics:

  • Higher Resin Loading Level: elevated resin loading compared to similar strictly quartz-based coatings due to the increased ease of use allowing this.

  • Less Prone to Water Spotting: less penetration of the contaminants into the coating matrix.

  • Lower Sliding Angle: water evacuates at angles less than 10-15° of tilt over traditionally 20° and higher! This presents itself as a highly dynamic hydrophobicity, compared to the more traditional static hydrophobicity of strictly quartz-based coatings.

  • Higher Contact Angle: bead angles averaging 110-115° or more on almost any substrate applied.

  • Higher Stain Resistance: bugs, saps, droppings, fallout, etc.

  • Higher Scratch/Mar Resistance: the added graphene-oxide imparts additional tensile strength to boost hardness.

  • Easier, Slicker, Glossier: higher open time and fewer chances for mistakes; flashes quickly and then sweats signaling time to wipe off – if it hazes this is too much dwell time and it has gone too far!

  • Lower Odor: more comfortable to apply compared to similarly high loading levels of resins in other ceramic coatings.

  • Universal Application: the graphene-oxide-modified coating has a nearly universal affinity for all substrates with a high level of adhesion and reactivity – no need to have a specific coating offered for a specific surface (i.e. trim, glass, paint, wheels).

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